Monday, 25 May 2009

S'pose I need to get with it...

Ok.... I don't know when it happened but I am out of the loop. No longer down with the kids. I am officially the oldest 25 year old I know.

I dont know when they came but I have noticed a sudden influx of musical 'artistes' have arrived in a puff of glitter looking weird and wonderful...and slightly intimidating. We have a Ladyhawke, some Little Boots and a La Roux, whatever that is.

I made a conscious effort today to educate myself because well...I must admit I don't like it. T'was a wondrous time when I had my finger on the pulse. I knew who people were before your Average Joe had an idea that they even existed. I know I am reading about the next best thing in the friggin' Guardian. So I went on to my page (don't tell me..that's so 2008) and put their names in to the search engine. So the re-education began...

I began with a Little Boots record called 'Stuck in Repeat', which I had to admit I really liked. Great, I'm not old! I like this music. Then we moved onto a VV Brown song and I found it slightly irritating, a little grating, if you will. So it begins, middle age. Then Last fm crashes.

I think it was for the best really, I can't envisage the experiment ending well. Just me, in a ball rocking, mummering incoherently about the 'good ol' days'.

It's getting bloody hard to keep up. But then, that might because I don't want to. It's like clothes, as soon as you find a trend you like, some magazine is telling you that it is 'sooo over'. I like to have time to develop a taste for something, get to know what it is I actually enjoy about something. I can't do that in the space of a few months or because an article tells me I should love it.

For risk of sounding old, I think we need to learn to give things time to make an impact. Let the people decide...or at least, give me time to hear it first for me to decide!


  1. Forgive me people as I am a newy to all this technology malarky. Can someone tell me if this has worked or not?