Sunday, 10 May 2009

Web 2.0, here I go!

IN the past few months, I have joined four different social networking sites that I feel in some way aided me achieving my primary outcome: To be a better person.

I have joined, where I can read through daily classics via email or RSS;, no introduction;, to track my mood, water consumption and sleep patterns; and, to share my bookmarks with the world!

The twee-ness, the trendiness, the popularity of it all actually makes me feel kinda embarassed but this morniing I woke up and thought 'hey, you know what...I'm gonna start writing a blog'.

I have no idea where I'll begin and how this might pan out but f**k it, cos if there is one thing I've noticed about all this Web 2.0 stuff, there are so many people doing it, I probably won't get noticed anyway.

Keep posted...

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