Sunday, 20 December 2009

One Hundred Days Update - 1/5 of the way there!

Ok, so I have now been doing this for 20 days and the question is whether I feel like I am better person for taking part.
I feel like I have been forcing myself to step back and take a look at my day and how to categorise it into a picture and a word, in a way that is neither boring nor depressing.
I fell like I have committed myself to look at my days creatively and purposefully for the past twenty days. I am really proud of myself for this.
The thing I am probably the most proud of myself for is how I have stuck to this every day for the past twenty days. I may not have posted my pictures to my blog every day but I have taken a picture and thought of a word to accompany it.
So, yeah. I do think this project is helping me on my way to making me a better person. I'm already a more dedicated, creative and purposeful person and am grateful for that.

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