Sunday, 3 January 2010

[Getting] OLDER

Tomorrow is my birthday. Today has been spent getting depression about being 26 in less than 24 hours. Today, I've been thinking about how old I am getting and how scared it is making me. I always thought that if I was where I wanted i.e. in a happy relationship, on my chosen career path etc (which I am), that I wouldn't care less but I was wrong. I have been harking back to the days where I didn't care about those who judge me, where I was going or what I could expect, which is why I have chosen this image. I think it shows a happy-go-lucky Mel at her best. The reason I am laughing so much in this picture (as my mum always takes great pleasure in telling me) is because the man taking the picture had been spending ages trying to get me to smile, to no avail. He then tripped over the a cord, hurting himself quite badly, to which I pissed myself.
Definitely me at my best!

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